About Me

So you have apparently found yourself bored enough to stumble upon my “About Me” page. I surely hope I do not disappoint you too much.

If you are looking for just the basics: I am a fabulous wife, kickass mother of two amazing daughters, and an amateur (but technically a professional) photographer.

You’re still here? OK, sit back and I will give you more (boring) details.

I was born, and for the most part, raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were a few off and on years spent in Australia that even though I was quite young, I remember fondly. Midway into my high school years we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California. I then moved down the coast and went to college in Santa Barbara where I ultimately met my husband, Richard. Along came Megan and shortly after our move further down the coast to San Diego her younger sister Taylor arrived. One more big move later finds us in Colorado, where we continue to reside today in a small Denver suburb named The Town of Castle Rock.

Life in Castle Rock is pretty mellow now that I have essentially closed up my bookkeeping business after 20+ years. With the girls away at school (more on that later) my days are shall we say less hectic. I have the amazing privilege to step back and take the time to take care of me. Yes, I still have responsibilities around the house and have to pretend to be an adult now and again, but life really is good right now. I absolutely love the gift of time that I have been given and the opportunities to read a book, take an online class, go on an adventure to find a new park, head out and take some photos… It should be repeated, life is good and a big part of that is because of my family.

Rich is simply an amazing husband. It was his idea for me to retire from bookkeeping and pursue some personal interests with my new free time. I have never felt more loved and supported in my life! It is because of his strength and hard work that I am able to have the freedoms and privileges that I have today. He is a marketing genius (don’t tell him I wrote that) and holds and AVP position at a company in Colorado Springs in addition to still working independently with clients he has held onto since leaving San Diego. So essentially, he works twice as hard so that I can take care of me and us. What a great guy, right?!?!

Now on to the mom bragging… Megan is a student at Colorado School of Mines. She is going for a whopping three degrees in 5 years (not your typical 5 year plan!) in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer programing in addition to being a TA for several professors and somehow finding the time to be involved with the theater program. Taylor is getting ready to take on the business world and is a student at CU Boulder. She is being her typical self and is beyond involved with not only the residence hall program, but also marketing competitions and multiple dance groups and clubs.

There you have it. More than you ever thought you wanted to know about me and mine. If you still want me to fill in more gaps then you should probably just ask or simply follow me on Facebook. 🙂

Shapiro Family

Rich, Taylor, Meg & Kelly