Nikon 14-24mm Lens

Check out what I just got from Amazon today! This ultra wide angle lens is a beast. It is going to take me quite awhile to learn how to use it and ultimately write a real review about it. For now, you will just have to accept that I am blown away with what it can capture in one photo. It is far more than I can see with my own eyes, so at first it was a little strange to get use to. The photos are crystal clear and the lens just lets in so much light!

My biggest fear right now is scratching the lens, because lets face it I am a klutz and this thing is bulbous and sticking out there screaming scratch me. I found a third party filter system, but it is a monster. We will just have to see if it is worth it or not. There is just so much a girl can carry around in her kit!

I will come back and post more once I get to know my new lens, and especially show you all some photos!

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I am a fabulous wife, kickass mother of two amazing daughters, and an amateur (but technically a professional) photographer.