Waiting for Spring to be Sprung

One of the hardest things for me right now is waiting for Spring to truly be Sprung. My favorite tree photo MUST be taken, but the buds are not yet opening. (It doesn’t stop me from diving by every few days to check them out, just in case!) Instead I take photos of baby flowers as they are just starting to bloom and trees that are just starting to show their colors. I even posted online begging for help on Facebook from the people of Castle Rock to tell me where they are seeing some signs of Spring on the first day of Spring. Where did I finally get the recommendation and the successful shot???? The parking lot of Taco Bell. HAHAHAHA!!!


We also recently made a trip up to Boulder, while bringing the youngest back to school, and found a few flowers blooming.

Nothing overly special, but at least I was able to bring the camera out of hiding and play with the settings a little. Still getting used to the new beast and I have A LOT to learn! Looking forward to another day of shooting soon!


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I am a fabulous wife, kickass mother of two amazing daughters, and an amateur (but technically a professional) photographer.