Dobby & Nikita




Yesterday I had the great pleasure of watching Dobby (an 11 day old reticulated giraffe) laze around in the afternoon sun and then eventually get up for a little play time with his mom, Kipele. I was torn between just sitting back and watching versus staring through my view finder, snapping away & taking photos. Luckily I think I was able to find a balance doing a little bit of both (with a very patient husband standing by). I was just in awe of this 5 foot tall baby. I could have stayed there for hours (and probably finally answered the question of just how many photos do fit on the two cards in my camera).

Rich finally managed to drag me away from Dobby so that we could go over and take a members only sneak peak at The Edge, the new tiger exhibit. At first Nikita was quite camera shy (or just plain stubborn) and was hiding in the corner. As soon as I gave up my perfect spot she started wandering around her area and checking out her new digs, OF COURSE!  Luckily I managed to snag a few quick shots over the shoulders of some very excited kids and babies in strollers. Can’t wait to go back to the zoo and work on my angles and get some better line of sight shots!



Last, but not least, we watched this poor guy put on a rather long show for not one, but 5 ladies. All of them just ignoring him. Well, we humans were impressed dude!


So far so good on the new camera. I am still a bit shy on going FULL manual. I am too worried I will miss the shot. Next trip to the Denver Zoo will be back to The Edge to capture the Tigers and then all the way to the other side to get hopefully see some primates. If I plan a full day out of it there will be no excuses. Full Manual!!!


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